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Visitors Management

What happens when a visitor arrives?


Visitors sign in on a mobile kiosk

When a visitor arrives, they’ll enter their details and sign documents right on the mobile device.


Workwise notifies their host on guest arrival

Workwise automatically alerts your employee when their guest arrives--saving you time and hassle.


The employee greets their visitor

The employee knows who to greet and when, making awkward meetings a thing of the past.

Visitor Management Features

Package Delivery

Effectively manage your company mails & package deliveries. When items are delivered to the reception area, the recipient gets a notification to let them know their package has arrived.

Upcoming Appointment Display

Give your visitors a welcoming experience from their first point of contact. With upcoming appointment displays, even your security post can know who to expect, whom they have come to see, what company they are going.

Feedback Channel

Effectively collect useful feedback from your visitors at the point of checking-out of your office premise. Visitors can rate how effective the service they received is.

How Workwise can help your workplace

Do more with your visitor data

Do more with your visitor data like spotting trends to help make better decisions like staffing and personnel planning for your reception. You can export unfiltered data from Workwise visitor management or send to reporting tools to help visualise your data.

Visitor management that supports your security

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